Services & Prices

Puppy and Dog Packages

Premium Canine Package -       $81.99
Includes the following:  exam, dhpp, lepto, rabies, bordetella, heartworm test, deworming
Puppy Package -    $36.99
Includes the following:  exam, dhpp, lepto, deworming, heartworm pill**
**Included in first puppy visit only, when supplies are available
(for puppies weighing UP TO 25 lbs)

Individual Services for Puppies and Dogs
Dhpp, Exam  $23.99
Lepto, Exam  $23.99
Bordetella (kennel cough), Exam  $22.99
Rabies, Exam $17.99
Heartworm test, Exam  $27.99
Canine Bivalent Flu vaccine, Exam  $34.99                                    

Kitten and Cat Packages

Outdoor Kitty Package - $56.99                                                  Includes:  exam, fvrcp, leukemia vaccine,rabies, deworming

Indoor Kitty Package -    $36.99
Includes the following:  exam, fvrcp, rabies, deworming
Kitten Package -              $29.99
Includes the following:  exam, fvrcp, deworming, Revolution Kitten Kit**
**Included in first kitten visit only, when supplies are available
(for kittens equal to or less than 5 lbs.)                                                                                                

Individual Services for Kittens and Cats
Fvrcp, Exam  $20.99
Leukemia vaccine, Exam $22.99
Rabies, Exam $17.99
FL/FIV combo test, Exam  $31.99
Other Services

Microchip (includes exam and registration)  $38.99
Fecal test (includes exam) $19.99
Wellness Exam (when not receiving other services)  $27.00
*Basic Deworming  $13.99
*Premium Deworming    Weight based for dogs / $21.99 for cats
*All packages include our Basic Deworming.  This covers roundworms and hookworms only.  We recommend an upgrade to our Premium Deworming which treats roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms.

Heartworm and Flea Products
All of our products are prescription only.  In order to purchase any medication from us, we must see your pet in our facility.  Please call for details.                                                                                             
We carry Iverhart Max, Sentinel, Trifexis, Heartgard, Comfortis, NexGard, Bravecto, Capstar and Revolution!!  
Don't see a product you need?  Ask Us!  Stop by or call the clinic for prices.  


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "I didn't get to use her services, my children couldn't handle the thought of my beloved Duke passing at home. However I wrote very late last night. Figured I'd hear back in the morning. No I heard back right away. All the questions she needed to ask, looking for the best for the dog. She was available within three days as needed. Then I had to write back and say never mind my kids can't do this. She wasn't upset. It was so very late and she still responded! You could feel the compassion in her email folks. She has to be amazing in person. Don't go anywhere else. This team loves our animals no doubt."
    Melanie K.